Glyn Watkins’ Show page


Technical stuff about this blog and why the show page doesn’t have bradwan in the URL. Skip this if that kind of stuff bores you. Read if if you are a regular visitor, there is some news in it.

There is a new post below (A poem for Linda, May 2020). There also be a new website for Bradford Woolly Heritage Community Interest Company, which may well take over bot this and the show page functions for me.

All my web pages are presently hosted on these free wordpress pages. That why you’re seeing masses of poor adverts and why the URL’s appear to be odd. &c are directed to one or other of my wordpress sites.

I created these wordpress pages in a mad rush when the host of my last site shut down with almost no notice; which meant it was awkwardly built has always been awkward to manage.

I have recently discovered Instagram, which is easier and seemingly more rewarding than the abomination that is Facebook, or the confusion that is Twitter. It also seems a better use of my time than this ‘www,’ personal blog.

I am still using the show related blog that takes you to ( and I have not totally abandoned this blog; but there is a real possibility that I will be paying for a real website soon, and if I do then these wordpress pages may become archives.

I am @hatthrowing on Instagram if you want to catch up on my personal news.