The dinner was so good I had to keep stopping to be thankful for taste. As for the rest of my weekend:

I woke up without a hangover yesterday (Saturday). I’d already decided not to go see City, but fixed to meet my mate Chris before the game.

Before noon I was visited by ill feeling. Not despair, and not illness, but enough to not leave the house.

As it turned out I’d have struggled to get out to meet Chris before he suffered Bradford City, on account of my washing machine developing it’s first fault in over a decade. Some things are more important than drink.

I fixed it! It took some hours; and the first wet use of my ancient wet & dry vacuum cleaner since I got my waste pipe going again last year; but I can now launder, and I have a clean vacuum cleaner.

Since then I’ve gone mad with cleaning. If I carry on like this my house may stop looking like it’s been burgled by someone who dropped a hand grenade.