The usual, old and knackered, Megabus coach has obviously broken down. The replacement didn’t rattle, over heat or smell a bit funny; and the driver was decent.

Coaches cannot use Huddersfield bus station, but when he got to the the stop he’d used before there was nobody there. He phoned up to be told they’d changed the stop 5 days ago! That’s clearly the fault of a coach company.

After he he did more of an inner Huddersfield he loaded and found 5 passengers were missing. They arrived panting; and complaining that they’d been at the Bus Station and there’d been no sign.

When we went past the Bus Station it was full of service buses; so why the hell no coaches?

The answer is almost certainly that the WYPTE is a bloated, incompetent, tax eating abomination! Metro – Helping Make West Yorkshire Shit.