I got a call from the Yorkshire Evening Post this morning asking if I’d meet their photographer at Leeds Industrial Museum for photos about the Yorkshire Open Hat Throwing Competition on 1st Aug. Yorkshire Day.

I’ve had a bit to worry about lately, and was glad of a trip.

I dressed, took hats, and arranged with super Sarah at the Museum for a hatstand.

The photographer took many, many pics; and spent nearly an hour doing it. I was happy because he didn’t try and make me act beyond my normal level of idiocy. In fact while we were moving locations he was telling Sarah how nice it was for him to have someone with props and some idea!

I rounded up folk willing to throw a hat, but the photos all ended up being of me. They may feature in the Yorkshire Post, but if they only make Leeds’ Y.E.P I’ll miss them.

The pic is with my phone, but taken by the pro (whose name I’ve forgotten).