I actually remember this 1963 hit in Japanese. I doubt I remember it from being 3 years old, I have only the vaguest memory of my dad listening to a valve radio in the time before our first television, which arrived no earlier than 64. After that I remember a Phillips transistor radio I was given around 67.

I got an e-mail this morning changing terms and conditions of something I have organised, and blithely asking if that was OK.

I went out to the Sparrow to moan, and ask advice. I moaned at everyone I knew, including Methodist Graham, Pump Clip Dave, and the Sparrow Steadfast. By the time I left I’d sorted out a fair and reasonable way to respond to the demand for change.

The truth is I do not need to try and create stuff. It is good for me, but if I just spent my time drinking in pubs I would not lose much. If I just walked to Lidl to buy the cheapest alcohol and stayed home drinking it, that would not be so healthy.