July 2017

I had a trip South last week. For a change I decided to fly to Heathrow, I like flying and I wanted to see how it compared to the train. Heathrow is not far from where my brother lives, and the fare from here to London is not that much more than the train.

There is now a nonce an hour daytime bus to LBA and, unlike 20 years ago, it is not a breadbin powered with a moped engine; it still travels around Guiseley and Idle dropping off pensioners at a leisurely pace though; and that means I set off an hour earlier to be sure.

Once at the airport the impression is small and crowded.

It used to have so few passengers that most times it was relaxed. Last week was the start of the school holidays so it was near full.

I got a seat, but the one beer pump in the public area was not working; so it had to be expensive small bottles! That pretty much sums up the place. Just enough facilities but nowt but the flight to make you choose it. The my departure gate had an advert for a local bike race that finished months ago sums it up.


Froglet small than 20p

Strangstry Woods Jul 17

Jul Sun Din Yorshire

Jul17 Yorkshire Pud

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