After over a half century of being a type 1 diabetic my days have a structure. I have my meals at instinctive intervals, regardless of when I had to get up, and if I do not set my alarm because I have to get up early I wake up a few minutes either side of 08.25. 

Today I woke up at 10.03, after going to bed stone sober. I had half woken up much earlier (something I usually do several times a night) but was in the middle of an enjoyable dream, and subconsciously went back to it. 

The suprising thing is I did not panic, had my meals at the usual intervals (just not the usual times), did loads, and thought about the bureaucracy of my diabetic care. 

I went and got, and then fitted, a new toilet seat. The third since I moved in in 1988. The first was already here; and I bought and fitted the second in my parents house as a Christmas present years ago. I then salvaged the second, but it eventually broke, so I have my first ever new toilet set.