July 2016

Maine is the best state for cats in the USA

Utah worst place for cat lovers in the USA.

On the other hand it seems Utah is the best USA state for nerds; and Washington D.C. is worst, with Mississippi less than a sonic screwdriver blade behind!

I was watching The Herbs as part of my recovery programme.

Gordon Rollings did the voices. He was one of the many brilliant British character actors whose face everyone knew, but whose name was a mystery.

Turns out his most famous role was as Arkwright, in the John Smith’s Yorkshire Bitter ads (which was a very good, consistent, pint on a hand pump, and men who say otherwise are more anally retentive than the average CAMRA Beerhadist).

The John Smith’s Yorkshire Bitter ads featured the outside of a pub called the Three Ferrets. Turns out the pub still exists, is called The Hermit, and is near Ilkley.

While I was looking for The Three Ferrets I found the Three Ferret news item in the headline. I wonder if the ferret keeper turned to cannabis growing to pay for the ferrets? Maybe in a few years all the people playing bowls of a weekend will be discussing how to grow better cannabis, whilst they nod and tut about the game.

The John Smith’s adverts should be below. They made me smile, which is a tick on my programme.

I went for my first diabetic clinic since the massive change to my regime in April. It’s not right yet; but there are positives. 

I am going for a blood test to check for something that may be causing phantom hypos; we discussed my mental health issues; and I am seeing the same person in 6 weeks to go through the data. 

In the meantime I will be changing some critical things; and will be giving more thought to asking for a referral for an autistic assessment. 

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