June 2016


The really old bloke in the Boltmakers may have fire this very engine. 

An old Cockney bloke and a very old ex-LMS railway fireman having the most sensible discussion about the Referendum yet. Agreed leaving would not change immigration, and that all the other stuff from the EU was mostly good. Hope for us yet!

2016 is the first year in 6,or more, where I have not had to be constantly travelling to and from Crawley so often that even basic jobs in my own house were left undone. 

I am also a right lazy sod. 

The important jobs over the last few days were adjusting the hang of my uPVC front door so I no longer have to use brute force to close and lock it; and rehanging the door at the bottom of the stairs, which I knocked off the last time I fell down them. 

In addition I have been doing a massive amount of sorting and tidying, although you’d not think it to look at the place, just yet. 

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