A long, and possibly last, blog. 

As I said previously, you can text or phone. No internet based method is certain to get to me. I nolonger want to know what is going on, and I don’t much care what people think about it. 

I will have to leave the house, but until I feel something better than I do now I will not be wasting time or money on bars, or meaningless things like sport. 

This may be a passing phrase of depression, but it comes on top of long disquiet.

 I have remortgage, and am fortunate to have 2 years fixed interest, but after that who knows what I’ll be paying. 

I also rely on rent from a man working at Gatwick. Interest rates will go up, less people will travel. 

I live in a country I have lost all love for. 

Goodbye for now from this blog.