April 2016


I’m just like a rolling stone! If the rain keeps off I may even watch some cricket!


There were some massive storms going on in the USA today. I focused in on one in Oklahoma where there were multiple strikes at the same time. It looked to be open country, but then I noticed many odd buildings of the same kind spread along channels or tracks of an even odder kind. Turned out to be McAlester Army Ammunition Plant which is over 44 thousand acres, or about 182 km2!! It makes, stores and makes safe ammunition. The odd buildings are ‘igloos’, presumably for safe storage, and there are 2,426 of them!

Probably not a place for the nervous to be when there are dozens of lighting strikes are minute.


Bradford Fringe logo2

I also bought a dozen packets of crisps for £1, and then went a bit daft and got 5 packets of what I think is blacmange for the same price! Do any of you want a packet of blacmange?

Found this whilst tidying. It not only made me laugh out loud, but it was good to find the cartoon about “Holy Bootle…” That I quote every time I meet a man from Bootle (once a decade on average). Bill Tidy was most famous for The Fosdyke Saga cartoon strip, an epic tale of a tripe dynasty that appeared in the Daily Mirror (which has the best cartoon strips in Britain). 

If you read the strip about Bootle, can you explain the cartoon underneath it; with the ship called URINAL, and the line: “HULLO… THAT’S KNOCKED A FEW JOKES ON THE ‘EAD!” I have never got it. 

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