February 2016

The card is the one I did for 2014. I did send it because on the morning of 25th February I found my mother had pass away in her sleep. I miss her.

Prior to 2014 I had down 20 year’s or so of Walburga cards, and ten year’s or so of shows. After two years I am still not sure if I want to do any more or not.

Wal card 14 Final web2


It is a Monday this year.   

Does anybody want some bare rooted tayberry plants? I am digging, and will be digging, at least a dozen up. They are vigorous and spread easily, but the fruit is gorgeous, larger than raspberries, and they keep coming, I have picked them in December most years!

I am sure that if you come and get some from me soon (or meet me in a pub in Bradford to collect them) they will grow, and possibly fruit this year. Message me if you want some. I’ll not posting any, collection only.


Old bloke at bus stop told me I’d missed Brighouse bus. I have an all routes ticket. I am in Huddersfield. Old man followed me upstairs and told of getting £8 a week from working in mill; plus extra collecting pig swill, and loading chickens for market: and his bed and board (breakfast, packed lunch and dinner) cost him £2 10/- (£2.50). He said best time to be a worker was 1945 to 1970. He was wonderfully balanced and all. He said I should go on The Crown. I am in the Crown. 


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