January 2016

I don’t often talk to my brother; apart from anything else reaching him by phone is so complicated I rarely bother; so it is mostly e-mails. 

This morning, however, he rang me to check how I was. 

The answer was: better but still weak. We then had a long, and helpful chat. 

I had already wondered if the repeated infections with phlegm were caused by a deeper infection (as happen when I had pneumonia). I think not, but when Basil suggested the same I promised to see a doctor if I was still coughing next week. 

After a bit more discussion I was surprised, and Basil was shocked, to discover I had not had a general health check for years! I regularly have diabetic checks, but those do not cover everything; and I am now so old that some of the unchecked things are a risk, including some that have killed forebears!

So I will be going to the doctor’s next week. 

I have been too ill to do anything; but on the other hand I have been too ill to cancel anything. 

I am ill again; I have some important stuff to do; I am struggling to find justification for doing one man shows. Would anyone be really bothered if `I don’t?

If I get home and my blood sugar is very high or low then I’ll leave stuff till tomorrow. If it is normal I not be doing Blaise, or bus trips, or  City. 

Had a confrontation on the bus, and discovered just how alone I am. But I discovered that after the last assult. I have a brother an an economic relationship with a family in Crawley. Nothing else means much. 

I could try setting my calendar by new coughs.

This is a draft. It may feature on the Salamander beer of the Festival: Saint Blaise’s Bitter.


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