May 2015

These cats come from different houses, and play in this garden. They both like me. 

I’d just spent hours tending a fire off my prunings and cuttings, some pruned and cut many years ago. I had finished roast chicken leg dinner, and had red Spanish wine in my hand. These two were in the garden. I joined them. 

I used the stuffing to coat the chicken before roasting. Par boiled new potatoes and white cabbage; olive oil fried onion, pepper and mushrooms; all finished in the oven. Bloody lovely. 

I made this years ago. 

Tony and Louise’s youngest. Good gig. 

Am for Tony Bailey and a bit of the family; then we’re off to see the youngest in a performance. The Kingdom Hall opposite (not in picture) seems busy. 

I did shows here, which made a profit! Since I was last here Hannah and Hugh have had a lovely girl, called Edie, and 2 next week. So it’s nearly 3 years since I was last here! May be the last time and all. 

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