April 2015

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Another day clearing garden. I left the back door open and came in to find two fat, and not stripy, hoverflies doing the hover in a sunbeam, bump each other, fly around buzzing mating fight. Once the door was shut they would have  waited past a lifetime for a female. 

I got an old Tupperware box an caught and released them one after the other. 

I also tried to ‘save’ house spiders attached to tip bound chipboard in the garage. I don’t know if they protect their nest, but there were cocoons, and the spiders were hanging on.

Tony Bailey’s Magic Trailer has now taken the awkward trimmings from the garden, some of it going back many years. A mow, a tidy and a bonfire and it’s good to go. 


No 1 in USA. Heard for first time this morning on Radio 2. Then on same station just now, and I danced!

Pre-season friendly. If things go well enough, this could be one of my last ‘free’ Saturday’s in Crawley. Made the effort to see Ifield C.C. For the first time. Friendly club. No real ale. Shocking number of full tosses bowlled by both sides (for my non-cricketing readers a ‘full toss’ is a ball that does not bounce, and in cricket that is an easy ball).

Ann and her mate took this away. I have had to bring teachests back into the house to give me somewhere to put what I’ve got left. 

Thanks to Tony Bailey’s Magic Trailer all the carpets that under felted my early life have gone. This one, from Stourport, was my mother’s favourite, and I liked it up to the point I had to lift it and carry it out, but countless generations of moths made it only fit for the dump. 

These are all unopened bottles. I could try drinking them, but the oldest is coming up to 40 years old! I could try selling them as object d’art, strictly not objet d’rink, but posting must be an issue. 

First room ready for work. The staining is the last legacy of the parents almost psychotic refusal to recognise that the house they bought had massive condensation problems. 

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