Tonight has involved at least 8 double whisky’s, and more besides, but I am fairly confident I have not posted and angry e-mail, or even a post on a messageboard.

I feel like I am on the edge of he-cups (the snot laden arguments about the spelling of this word shows why the English cannot make money from their own inventions). So I think angry stuff bout spellling? Hycups means I am too drunk, so when I am doing done writing this I is going to bed, It is 02.05.

I had many good conversations today, but the one with most good may have been with T about his lad, who may, or may not, be autistic.

If our species had not had ginger haired male ancestors obsessing about how to make the perfect sharp rock sharper, homo sapians would not have proper flucked up this world, some other species would be doing their best! Autism made us successful, all hail obsession with the detail that might still save us.