March 2015

I helped two women from Castleford by explaining Oyster Cards, the use of a national grannies bus pass in London (can use on buses but not any kind of train), and the best ways to, and from, the Elvis exhibition at the 02, North Greenwich. 


He got on at Leicester, we got talking, we got drinking, I did my best to get him on the train to Gatwick Aerodrome. I reckon I watched him building a road with dynamite in Auntie Klaudia’s town of Klaukula(?). I have somewhere to sleep in Vantaa now. 

I took him to Betjemin’s, I bought him a pint, and he smoked 2 cigarettes, and a nice man with a dog lent him a charger for his phone. 

MegaBus is owned by Stagecoach. The Plus brand sells cheap tickets to London and takes people by rattlely coaches to East Midlands Parkway to fill empty, Stagecoach owned, East Midlands Trains to London. 

My average cost to London is £8.50 on this service. I soon may not need to be that tight, but more significant is that Stagecoach now own 90% of East Coast Trains (Virgin get 10% in exchange for the brand), why would they pay for desperately needed new MegaBus Plus coaches that compete with East Coast?

Tell you what though, today’s commute was loads better than the last trip up on East Coast. 

A Bradford City fan called John Dewhurst has produced 2 pin badges to raise money for a <a href=””>Bradford Pals memorial </a>in France, and a plaque at Valley Parade to commemorate the 12 City players killed in the two World Wars. One shows the West Yorkshire Regiment’s crest, the other the old Bradford coat of arms. 

Dave Pendleton asked me to help him sell them, at a suggested donation of a pound each.  We sold out our two bags. No idea what we raised, as they were sealed buckets, but ours weighed the most, and we raised another £60 afterwards from the 30 or so we had left!

The most generous pubs were the roughest, but all was good. The Fleetwood fans we met were also generous. 

So big thank you to: The Barracks Tavern; Haighys; The Rose & Crown; The Harp of Erin; The New Beehive; The Bradford Brewery; The Record Cafe; The City Gent; The Spartow; Al’s Dime Bar; and The Bradford Arms. 

I had just two pints, and Dave one, in all those pubs before the game!

…was fraught at times, but it did not seem to affect me much, probably because I was doing hard physical work and was sleeping fine.

I mention Monday and Tuesday’s fraughtness below. I found out Wednesday that my mortgage application was being advanced, so I assume the survey was acceptable, but it is going through an agent and a broker, so I am still not certain of getting it.

On top of that the quotes for doing the house up to be fit to rent at the highest price were frightenly high themselves, and gave cause for concern. Over Friday and Saturday morning though I got a re-quote, and discovered a massive fee had already been taken from my account, so I can now be sure of paying my bills in the near future.

I then had to come back to Bradford to send on the latest Tax Return summary. The journey to Kings Cross was made pleasant by meeting a Swedish youth football team going to Upton Park for a game. I chatted to the English coach and gave advice about London travel. The journey to Leeds though was tedious.

Yesterday City let in two soft goals in the last 5 minutes, to finish 2-2.

Just had a surveyor round. The survey was not what I was lead to believe. If I had had a clear picture I would have left some things undone (dismantling fittings for instance) and concentrated on other things. 

I have no idea how this will affect my mortgage application, but going by recent form it will probably affect it badly. 

Last night I ended up walking 3 miles from the site of Bradford City’s latest defeat to Reading railway station. At least I’m keeping fit. 

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