Clearing a garden. I borrowed the insinarator from next door. 

I am burning off things I last year and before. Sloe is the worst. The thorns make it stick together like Velcro, and one of them went through the sole of my wellington when I was jumping on a pile to break it up. I got a lovely fire by the end though. Wished I had thought about barbecuing the chicken I had brining beforehand. 

After that I ate the grand meatballs and potatoes next door gave me, opened a bottle of mum’ swine and checked my e-mails

I f&&&&&& well have to go to f&&&&&& Huddersfield as soon as f&&&&&& possible with my f&&&&&& passport to f&&&&&&& prove to the f&&&&&&& vendors solicitor to prove my f&&&&&&& identity AGAIN. Not f&&&&&& happy.