The first couple of pictures are of one of the only two sources of heat in my 1957 childhood home (the other was a coal fire!).



The next two things are from the final loft clearance. The chest was well over 25kg, and I’ve called the feather mattress Jabba the Hut Junior.



I dropped the mattress first, to cushion the drop, then had to pull the loft ladder up after me because the chest would not fit with the ladder there (I cannot imagine how the hell my mother got it up in the loft). To lower the chest I used a length of old rope, which broke.

All seemed fine. Then I discovered a cracked floorboard, pushed in an inch!

This morning I fixed it! Screwed in a big wood screw, used a jemmy on that to leaver the board up, then took the screw out and screwed the back plate from the electric fire over the crack.

The mortgage application has to be moved back.