Dave Pendleton had the idea of a bus trip around the 8 lost sports grounds of Bradford year’s ago. I have been nagging and doing the spade work. It is now provisionally going to be on a weekend this May; but not a day City are playing.

Vintage buses cost at least £400 for the day. £450 for one in old Bradford bus colours. That makes the ticket price high, unless we get sponsors or funding. A modern minibus will be much less, but be less of a occasion.

The venues are:

1. Carlisle Rd. Manningham F.C’s first ground.
2. Scholemoor.
3. City Stadium, Princeville St. Dog track featured in ‘Room at the Top’.
4. Bradford Cricket Clubs first ground, Ashgrove.
5. Park Avenue.
6. Greenfield Stadium, School St, Dudley Hill. Athletics, Bradford Northern, speedway, and greyhounds.
7. Quarry Gap pub, Cutler Heights Lane. Lots from the very early days of mass spectator sports in Bradford.
8. Birch Lane, behind Bowling Old Lane Cricket Club. Northern. This is one of the very few dead with any remains. There should also be a Bradford Cricket League game going on.

Today I called my mate Bobby Singh, and by happy chance he agreed to drive round the route in exchange for me paying for petrol. The Quarry Gap pub is still open, the rest of the route is do-able, although Scholemoor could be a bit of a squeeze; and really slow traffic meant I told Bobby not to turn of Legrams Lane for the City Stadium.