I have a Chelsea ticket booked.

I went out to meet Dave Pendleton and the sound Heidi tonight/last night. The geography of my street means that the pavement was bones waiting to be broken. Snow part meted and refrozen at least twice.

I took small steps home to find my Finnish snow cleats. I could only find one.

I made an ice stick from the handle of my second best carpet sweeper, two screws, and the top of an insulin cartridge. It worked bloody well. A doubly impressive feat considering that once I had got the handle I was not going to move away from my front door.

Met Dave and Heidi at the Sparrow Then went to the Record cafe, where we met a very drunk other Dave. Afterwards Dave and Heidi both complimented me on how I coped, as their lightening rod for drunk Dave.

Then to Al’s Dime Bar. It seemed that I made people laugh with with I was saying.

Got a taxi home and had a bit of a philosophical/theological discussion with Hamser, the driver. He kept saying: “Do you mind if I ask you a question?” If you know me you’ll know what my answer was!

Good end to a nice night. We agreed he would not go down my stree (because of ice) but he wanted to escort me to my door.

I told him not to be daft. I had a stick with a screw at the bottom. He didn’t.

I still fell on me arse, but only once.