Yesterday I worked. I did not look at facebook, or my e-mails; and I ddid not go to the City v Millwall F.A. Cup replay, despite having bought a ticket. I was not depressed, and not unusually angry; but I felt I needed to get on with physical stuff.

I am feeling quite positive now. I have finally sorted out the hot water! It was a mix of problems that made the system keep switching off, but I worked through them slowly and methodically. It took longer than I thought (one reason I did not go to the game), but this morning I had my first bath for 5 days, and the first bath with enough hot water since I was last in Crawley!

What I do in the next few days is mote. I would like to go and see the City game in Yeovil, and would go on from there to carry on doing things that need doing regardless of wether I buy or sell the house; but there’s lots of other stuff to do here as well.