December 2014

I met Mark whilst I was stood in the steam by the site of ‘Tracy Island’ (which was an island in 1966).

I found the recipe in one of mum’s many never used cookbooks: With a Jug of Wine By Morrison Wood (1958).

The rum was well alight when I took the photo, but you cannot see the flames.

I have photos of scotch steak, twice fried chips, fried onions, sprouts and chestnuts, and red wine and almond gravy; with a photo of the pudding: rum flambé bananas.

WordPress int working, and with next door’s Proseco, my Lidl Cava and French wine, followed by bananas swimming in rum, I will not be working either!

I can can see a lech of, I guess, fungus gnats in the garden!

Basil called me this morning. That was a welcome gift in my Christmad.

I I finished stripping down the small bedroom, the most in need of decorating, at16.00. Shifting decades of fossilised wallpaper paste and mold stains was a job.


I then slow roasted the the salt neck of lamb I’d pickled in saltpetre (another mum tradition). Good taste but long time a cooking.

doing things my mum would have done, like leaving the decorating until Christmas Eve.

The holly and rosemary for remembrance came from her garden


My WordPress app seems to have died whilst loading pictures last night. If this appears it seems I can post via their website, but it is a tedious process.

Happy Christmas, especially those friends I have have not managed to send a card to.


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