November 2014

I treated Joe to his first trip to Brighton last Thursday, but they got posted to the wrong blog.

Big thank you to Joe. This is all to go.


On way to meet Joe of Leeds train.

Been in Jerusalem Tavern to confirm show.

Met loud and very gay Tony from Charterhouse; then Friend Christina, who was between meetings and suspected I might be in.

Am feeling positive and typing on an escalator

The most unusual thing I have done recently is cook dinner for a woman. It also turned out to be probably the least significant thing I have done.

The most pleasing thing was spending a night with my brother at our childhood home, and neither of us getting wound up.

Most of the rest of the significant stuff has been about that house. I may be redecorating it to make it rentable, if the numbers add up.

I am also probably going to do a show at the Jerusalem Tavern on the evening of Monday 1st Dec. may soon take you to a show page until after 1st Dec.

I was travelling on Sunday so could not listen, but I got a text from friend today David asking if the Glyn that Paul O’Grady mentioned was me. The answer is probably yes, though I sent the message a few weeks ago asking for something to celebrate 50 years of diabetes.

I think I have had a mild kind of Calvinist Church flu, the kind of flu that make you feel guilty. Today I got up and did work I did not have to do today! Perhaps someone should isolate the bacteria/virus and sell it to lazy folk who leave it until the deadline to work. Take the ill tablet a week before the deadline, get ill, and be driven by guilt to get it done with days to spare!

I am still waiting on dates for the beer launch of the brewery that wants me to put on a show. If it happens before Christmas I will do it, but being well enough now to think about the options suggested on Wednesday for my inheritance means everything else is uncertain.

The walk in memory of the players of Bradford City and Orient killed in WWI, from The Jacobs Well (aka. Jacobs) at noon on the 29th Nov, is as certain as I can make it, but everything else seems less important now.

I would still like to invite friends to an event, before Christmas, where my Karelian/Yorkshire sweet mutton mince pie is offered.

When I asked Edmond, holder of one of the highest value Bradwan Show Loyalty Cards, whether I should do a Christmas show or not, he spent spent a good while describing, and drooling, about the pies I made for the last Christmas show. He had little memory of the actual show.

PS. I bought a steak today, and had a bottle of Roussillon du Village in the house. I made the best chips I’ve ever done (slow fry, scoop out, high fry, but something I did today made them crispy! If you want to make me happy feed me hot and crispy!) and garlic fried onions, with tomato and Roussillon du Village wine gravy. Mmm…tasty!

Deltic in and out4

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