Me and Joe were sitting on the Grad Central train for Bradford yesterday when Heidi walked past the window. I obviously banged on the window. She normally goes to sit in the unreserved seats at the front, but it turned out her reserved seat was on the other side of the aisle from us! As I said: she must have done something really bad to get that kind of luck.

It was a lovely journey back. We said goodbye to Joe at Halifax.

I got a taxi home to drop my stuff, then went on in the same taxi to North Parade. The driver is the only man I have talked to who remembered the old Market Tavern in Bradford, which J.B.Priestley wrote about as the venue of the Old Comrades reunion in English Journey, and it was demolished at the same time as the old Kirkgate Market.

Drank in the new Record Cafe bar, went to Bradford City, then carried on on North Parade.

I am shattered today.