Went down to Bradford Playhouse to help the new owner, Colin Fine, go through a big bag of deeds. The all related to 4 Chapel St, which houses the Studio Theatre, sewing room and rehearsal space.

I did not do much actual work, but did make links and suggestions. Also the meeting meant Colin set to and read all of the massive first document, dated 1853. It is made up of 3 pages bound and sealed at the bottom, and bound in reverse order. The really interesting stuff was on the first page at the back.

Reference is made on the ‘first’ page to a sale of the land in the 18th Century. It then goes on to explain that the plot was sold to a schoolmaster in 1836, who built a schoolhouse, dwelling house and outbuilding, but never paid for the land! The affair was settled by the inheritors of both the seller of the land and the schoolmaster in 1853!

The document had the signatures of a lot of the leading characters of early Victorian Bradford, including Harris, Hustler and Peckover.

I assumed that the building shown on the small map in the document showed the school occupying the fontage on Chapel St, the dwelling at the back, with a yard and an outbuilding between. Later the schoolhouse was divided into two dwellings. The fact that later document referred to it as Lowe Close, and having workshops, suggests change of usage, and probably status.

The present building utterly efface the previous buildings, and as a warehouse, and by inference was built in the 1920’s.