I have been away from home a lot. I live in an old back-to-back, which means hundred year old holes between the houses.

This mousetrap is the only one I can buy in Bradford. Most mice eat the bait and leave me wishing I could find a better mousetrap!

I have found a brand of really good poison, but the wonderful hardware store in Leeds (I think it’s Mr Arkwright’s Tool Emporium) is the closest that always stocks it.

I have had earplugs since next door had the always crying baby, so I have a coping strategy when the mices come back to my bedroom, but I’d rather not have mice.

I have been thinking about getting a dog once the estate is sorted; but a cat might do more; and I did give lodging to cats for a dozen years of my life.

Post Script2nd Feb 2016. I have just got the comment at the bottom from Dave, and discovered the comment above that from Sean from 2014!! Sorry for not responding earlier. It is one of the consequences of me using the free version of wordpress.

I now buy Deadfast poison from the hardware stall in John Street Market/Oastler Centre.