I have had people asking me about Lines of Power – Lines of Pleasure (the history and poetry of pylons).

It’s not published yet! Sorry if anything I have written on here suggests otherwise, but I think I have always called it ‘my next book’, which it still is.

I was planning to finish and publish this book this year; settling down to it after doing the Walburgas Eve Show in Clerkenwell on the 24th February. My mother passing away on a few hours later on St Walburgas day obviously changed all those plans.

By the end of this year my mother’s estate should be sorted and settled.

I then have a massive amount of work to do on my house, to make it either fit to live in or fit to sell.

The thing is though that by next year will will no longer have to be constantly travelling; and I may also have more time if I give up trying to do the old shows.

That means time enough to get the book done, checked and published. I will need something to occupy me, though I suppose I could give up and buy a TV.