I have taken an amount of alcohol in the Sparrow Bier Cafe.

it is a bit hot for Bradford.

It was hotter on Saturday. I stood on North Parade in top hat wrapped with a Bradford City cummerbund; waistcoat, white shirt, cravat, and tails.

I got home today to discover I had left the oven on.

The chicken stock had become heat mummified chicken bits.

I ate the bits.

I am drinking the Cava I should have bought before Saturday, and may have a cup of tea that I had failled to buy before Saturday and all.

If I write no more I would just like to say I love the Sparrow; I love all the people I talked to tonight; I love and admire Les at the Sparrow. I have moaned less than you would expect about my experience on Saturday; but Les worked 19.5 hours that day. He was in the Sparrow today because nobody else was standing. Every time someone tried to praise him he would rebuff it with: “But I own the business.”!

Little things make a lot; but the things that make change are done by people with both heart and soul.

Les and Beth. Nigel whose idea it was; `The Dime Bar.

I had a full wind encounter with a bloke wanting to do the day down because of what one business said.

I was stood opposite the business, in full sun, for the best part of seven hours. He was not there.

Like the children who got really serious about hat throwing: I hope I make things better; even if only by a butterfly’s wing beat.