I am getting a little bit excited abot the Hat Throwing on Saturday; and the prospect of my birthday show on Saturday 13th September, at the New Bradford Playhouse.

After I had photocopied my mother’s will at the local studies library I had one shot left, so I got a 1891 OS map of Bradford, and managed a copy of North Parade. I have been up it twice since, and learnt loads. Less from what I see, much more from people in the Sparrow looking at it and pointing out things I had not seen, like a burial plot off Cheapside I am sure nobody had mentioned when I have asked.

Went to a production of the Tempest in the grounds of whar is still called Bradford Cathedral. It was better than gripping yourself so hard your own nails make you bleed; and my mate Joe was really funny.

I was in the Corn Dolly by 2040. Best beer I Bradford, easily, but I needed someone to moan about art to, so after a pint I walked back to the Sparrow.

At the Sparrow I tested the hard Hat Throwing target for Saturday; explained it to a Bradford couple who had been watching; who them explained it to the 3 bemused foreign gentlemen who had also been watching. What I loved most was the fact the Bradford pair mimrd the throwing of a hat as they explained it!

Blessed friends Karl and Megan then came in with thier friends. They had been at the show. Megan, being a young person, asked straight out if I had left early. Turns out all of their opinion was not different to mine, but they had brought a lot of alcohol with them for half time.

Best bit was getting a lift home in Karl and Megan’s SWAT van.Saving me money.

I also taught the staff at the Sparrow (Ben and Matty) how to make a pink gin. I had been shown the new bottle of Angostura Bitters the first day I had been in after the gin tasting.I remembered today, being flush like.

You really need to throw out the extra Angostura bitters after swilling it around the glass,