April 2014

Just said goodbye to Joe Ogden after a good day watching cricket, and discovered a place to watch chickens. Some days get even better.


Second division. Baildon came down last year and were all out for 83! Not helped by a ‘Carry on don’t lose your Wicket!’ run out.

Great Horton finished so far last you needed GPS to measure the distance to the second bottom team! Luckily for team Manningham Mills was voted out instead, for dishonesty, on the field and in the accounts.

They are 81 for 3 with 58 overs, including a controversial bowl out between the 6th ball and the umpire calling over.

On 83 and bowled! So 1 run for victory, which they’ve just got

23rd April, 8.00 pm. Sparrow Beir Cafe, North Parade, Bradford.

Cartoon George sparrow-2

The pussy willow I dug up from my garden, and replanted on waste ground near me, did not survive the winter.

When I went to post a cuckoo whistle this morning I crossed the ground to have a look. I saw at least 8 small tortoiseshell butterflies fighting and trying to mate. I stopped to try and watch but most of it was going on far too fast to see.

I did see one bigger butterfly being chased. The big one landed on a dandelion to feed and proved to be a peacock; the small tortoiseshell that was chasing it landed on the same flower. When the peacock took off the toisesell followed it, and was joined by another one! I don’t know if the small ones wanted to fight or the shag the peacock, but they are obviously well pumped up!



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