I have always lived with my mother’s stories, one of the strongest is her tapeworm story; about the tapeworm she got during Finland’s war with the USSR.

The BBC programme in the title is fronted by Dr Michael Moseley, a mate of my school mate Hugh; and me an Bev met him at Hugh’s 50th birthday party in Bristol.

Ma’s tapeworm would have come from infected, and probably under cooked, meat; but may have come from something other than the relatively harmless cow. The life of some parasites is so complex that simply getting the wrong life stage could be the difference between losing weight and losing your liver and then your life!

Ma also has strong stories of bed bugs from the days she was a district nurse.

I also spent some of today sorting out Ma’s next district nurse visit via a company’s cretinous phone system. The woman I eventually talked to was very good; but I am sure the company was the same that now own the totally dead gmx mail server.