January 2014

Right. Got 2 payments this week. I can pay all my debts, and for The Bring Back St. Blaise’s Festival’ if that all turns to despair.

I went out today to get the last, and final, poster for the festival.

I put a poster up. Then I drank beer.

I put more posters up. Then I drank more beer.

I gave Dave Green, leader of Bradford Council, and a man I knew well before I was thrown out of the University of Bradford, a leaflet.

I then carried on where I left off.

I met Les of The Sparrow, in The Jacobs. His Misses Nicki arrived, and the night got so better.

I came home in their taxi.

Near the beginning was asked to hand back some keys for an office I rarely use. No problem (I have had nowt to do in the office for an age) but it was unexpected, and a loss, of a place I can go to without asking.

Things change. Things are changing. Hope they change for the better for thee and me.

Don’t forget sharing my shows on facebook helps. Leat ways it helps me, it probably won’t help you with a leaky roof or greenfly, but it will make the world a tiny bit better, and that’s all we can hope to do in this life.

I have 3 events but will not be able to put up 3 different A3 posters. Should I use the combined one below?

Blaise 14 combi poster1

If you could visit and ‘like’ the page or the events that would help. Sharing would be even better.

The Bring Back St. Blaise Festival Page

Burns then Blaise. 25th Jan. Saturday Sparrow.

Guided walk through Bradford’s hidden histories. 1st Feb. Start Glyde House 11.00.

Pie, Poetry & Proud of BRADFORD show. 2nd Feb. Glyde House. 20.00.

The Comedy & Errors – What Bradford has done for fun. 3rd Feb. The Theatre in the Mill. The Comedy & Errors – What Bradford has done for fun. 3rd Feb.

One of Bev’s Christmas presents was a packet of frozen beef burgers. I had some recently. I had forgotten how much I like gristle!

123 is the company I register domain names with, and they appear to be garbage.

All my event posters use bradwan.com as the link to use for info, but that now takes to to a 123 page telling you the domain is blocked.

I might try and change the links to bradwan.co.uk, but if I do that, this blog will have to be either changed or suspended.

The facebook page works fine, but the URL is too long to go on a poster.

Blaise 14 Comedy & Errors poster

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