My grandfather Vasili, made most of the wooden things needed on the farm, and also made iron tyres for wheels and hoops for the barrels he made.

After picking, mushrooms from the forest were washed, the kind they were picking when they met the bear were washed and soaked overnight. In Karilian this mushroom was called karva lauku. The rest were just washed.

After that the mushrooms were salted in the home made barrels. Layers of mushrooms and salt; mixed; and a loose lid put on top; and a weight put on top of that.

Most mushroom barrels were put in the raised granary cum food store outside. One, or some, were put in the cellar but ma cannot remember if it was a different kind.

The mushrooms in the cellar did not freeze. The mushrooms in the outside store did freeze, and lumps were hacked out. This may have been important to make the karva lauku edible; a lot of mushrooms that the English label as poisonous are eaten in Europe after after the correct processing.