October 2013



I froze all the sloes I have picked. The photo is a sloe and ice from around it.
Some went in the sloe gin I started a few days ago. Today I am making sloe and apple jam. The apples are windfall cookers from the end of this road.


For the first 20 minutes City were playing and singing like we were at home, but after 20 minutes Crawley started getting the measure, and we lost 1-0. I feel quite cheerful concidering.



Sloes are the berries of the buckthorn, note the inch long thorns.

I trimmed the blackthorn (not buckthporn as previously stated, cheers Stedders) in my mother’s garden earlier than recommended so I could pick the sloes for sloe gin and jam. For gin I the sloes overnight, half fill a bottle, top up with gin, leave, add strain and add sugar to taste. Put the gin filled sloes in a tart.

I got an e-mail from the market research company looking for coughers telling me my application had been spat out. I have not coughed for days anyway. My mother on the other hand is coughing up a storm at least twice a day, I wonder if I could apply on her behalf.

I did a big home delivery order for my mother on-line from Sainsburys. I have been doing this for years, and have found the system getting more and more frustrating recently. Today may be the last time. I did the order and got confirmation. I then found out she needed a couple of little things I missed. Amending the order took far too long but I eventually got to the payment page, confirmed and went away. When I went back to the computer 5 hours later it was still processing payment, and went I went back a page the time had run out.

So that is now 3 out of the big 4 supermarkets chains I now loathe. I hope the new, big, Morrison’s they are building near her opens soon!

My second hand iPhone 4 has started to play really silly buggers. Ending phone calls; going to turn off mode at random; on/off button not working.

This only started yesterday and some things seem a little better today after resetting, but only a little. Apple support pages are shit. Nobody has exactly the same problem, and those that are near never got answers.

The urgent issue is that iPhones use micro SIMS, so I cannot buy a cheap phone to use the giffgaff SIM, I would have to order a new SIM then transfer .

The difficult issue is that I cannot afford even a second hand iPhone replacement, or anything else that uses a micro SIM.

Below are a copy of my version of The Slow Train, the original, and a small copy of my brother’s map of the old railway’s around Bradford that I used to find the name’s of lost stations.

Railways around Bradford2Small

The Slow Train to Queensbury New words by Glyn Watkins

Manningham for Menston Junction
Stainland and Holywell Green

No more will I go to Bradford Exchange, Pellon or Shepley & Shelley

On the slow train from
Liversedge Central and Queensbury
No churns, no porter,
No cat and no bike,
From Armley & Worthley and Laisterdyke
We won’t be meeting again on the slow train.

I’ll travel no more from Horbury Junction to Tong & Birkenshaw
At Great Horton I’ll stand well clear of the doors no more,
No whitewashed pebbles,
No up and no down,
From Shipley & Windhill to Middlestown
I won’t be going again on the slow train.

On the main line and the goods siding,
The grass grows high,
At Idle, Pool in Wharfedale, and Manchester Road

The sleepers sleep at Hunslet, Beeston and Cullingworth,
No passenger waits on Gomersal platform of Gildersome
No-one departs, no-one arrives,
From Wilsden to Colne,
From St. Paul’s to Pudsey Greenside
They all passed out of our lives,
On the slow train,
On the slow train.

Clifton Road for Brighouse
On the slow train.
Great Horton, Clayton
Dudley Hill, Eccleshill
On the slow train.
Cleckheaton Spen

Last station stop. All change pleasse! All change!

Slow Train By Flanders and Swann

Miller’s Dale for Tideswell …
Kirby Muxloe …
Mow Cop and Scholar Green …

No more will I go to Blandford Forum and Mortehoe
On the slow train from Midsomer Norton and Mumby Road.
No churns, no porter, no cat on a seat
At Chorlton-cum-Hardy or Chester-le-Street.
We won’t be meeting again
On the Slow Train.

I’ll travel no more from Littleton Badsey to Openshaw.
At Long Stanton I’ll stand well clear of the doors no more.
No whitewashed pebbles, no Up and no Down
From Formby Four Crosses to Dunstable Town.
I won’t be going again
On the Slow Train.

On the Main Line and the Goods Siding
The grass grows high
At Dog Dyke, Tumby Woodside
And Trouble House Halt.

The Sleepers sleep at Audlem and Ambergate.
No passenger waits on Chittening platform or Cheslyn Hay.
No one departs, no one arrives
From Selby to Goole, from St Erth to St Ives.
They’ve all passed out of our lives
On the Slow Train, on the Slow Train.

Cockermouth for Buttermere … on the Slow Train,
Armley Moor Arram …
Pye Hill and Somercotes … on the Slow Train,
Windmill End.

It was a really lovely evening at the 2013 Suite at Valley Parade, celebrating a throughly decent bloke. At Mark’s specific request I did some poetry, which shows a splendid depth of culture. I did OK with them but think I could do better. The poems were all train related: Adlestrop by Edward Thomas, Night Mail by Auden, and my adaptation of the Flanders and Swann song Slow Train , which I will post on the next blog.

I walked to the party and back to save money. I thought the the cold was gone but today it seems to be back. I have to decide if I am going to walk to the game. I am visiting ma in the next few days and want to be clear of lergy for her sake.

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