I had an idea yesterday for a Christmas card image involving the clouds of steam from a power station.I then worked out how to get to Ferrybridge by bus, early enough to photograph steam, as long as it is cold and clear. It involves getting out of bed by 06.00.

I woke up at 05.30 and looked out of the window. Clear and sharp with a sickle moon.

I went back to bed for half an hour and dozed and thought. Any photo I take will need to have intense work to get what I want; likely to be so much it would be quicker for me to paint the thing.

I stayed here and did lots of, more or less, urgent work. I may still go to Ferrybridge, but to have a walk around, and visit the nature reserve north of the river. If I get good pictures all well and good, but no pressure if I do not.