I got back yesterday sober, and then cold after being in my house for a few minutes.

I scraped together a tenner, and had a Rail+Bus ticket I bought when I booked the train back to Bradford a while ago. So I went to Valley Parade to buy a ticket for today’s Bradford City V Wolverhampton Wanders game.

I then went back into Bradford to get my last full £10 out of my business account to have a pint at the Sparrow (and thus have a chance to try and sell tickets for my next show); only to discover I was £25 overdrawn.

Turns out I had had a £45 fine for being £2.98 overdrawn for 2 days last month. I phoned up and got it reduced to £15, but that is still £15 taken from almost nothing.

It turns out the reason for the poverty trap was a URL I have on standing order, that I never use. If you are a fan of J.L.Carr I have both jlcarr.com and jlcarr.co.uk, and you can have them for a little over what I have just unknowingly paid for them.