August 2013

Myself and Dave Pendleton sat down today and wrote a running order for the projected Positive Bradford City Show on the 28th September, at the 2013 Suite, Valley Parade, after the home game against Shrewsbury.

The show will change from what we have written (yes it will David!). Some depends on getting images I can use to make the presentation, and the 2013 Suite is an unknown quantity, and I have had load of ideas since we finished (we must have red headed footballers and Stuart McCall, we can hardly have one without the other!), but we have the makings of a really good show.

Dreadful, dreadful printer that is almost impossible to use. Plug it in and it seems to be just what the photographer ordered, but that will not last long.

You will spend hours trying to figure out what has gone wrong. The software is aggressive (the ‘Solutions menu’ will stick itself on your doc at any opportunity) and does not even have an ink check that I can find. All the issues are displayed in a secret code on the printers tiny display board, and you have to find and read the hidden manuel on your computer to find out what it means. Solutions my arse!

The display does not even tell you which cartridge has run out FFS! Are you supposed to replace both!? You’ll need lots of money because, despite what reviews say, it seems to eat ink.

It is impossible to refill the cartridges yourself, fair do’s, but I’d wished I’d known; but the fact the scanner will not work if the ink runs out is not acceptable. The fact HP and Kodak do the same shows that technical reviews are not doing their job. It should be the first thing at the top of the review, then the manufactures will stop this wholly unacceptable, robbing trick.

Would people who test and review inkjet multi-function printers PLEASE:
(1) Test if the cartridge can be refilled.
(2) Test if the scanner works if a cartridge runs out.

Not so long ago cheap inkjet multifunction printers would scan when the ink ran out, and had cartridges that could be refilled at home. The market has always been based on selling cheap printers and expensive ink, and Canon, Hewlet Packard and Kodak have obviously spent all there research money into stopping this.

I am now on my third multi-function that cannot be refilled and will not scan if there is an empty cartridge.

All 3 were bought in a rush for a job; but I did read the reviews for all 3 before buying. No review ever mentions refilling (which might be acceptable) but not one mentions the scanner becoming a glass plate when the ink runs out, which should be a major minus point for a multi-function.

If I cannot get this bastard, shit, ink guzzling Canon MG2150 going I cannot afford a new one, seeing I cannot afford ink for this one; let alone a separate scanner and decent printer. My only choice will be to bring the 10 year old multi-function at my mother’s back home. At least that still always scans.


This is going up on Hamm Strass, Bradford. No idea what it will be.

I have plenty of food in the house, but none of is quick cooking, or meat. I had drunk so little that I treated myself to a curry at the Kasmir. £5.90 for a keema mushroom with a popadom, 3 chapaties and an onion salad. Very good it was too.

I was going to spend the day sorting finances, including a visit to my bank. It’s a flipping Bank Holiday!

I did some work, then decided to go to Lister Park to take films and photos for the J.B.Priestley PIE and Proud of Bradford Show. I had some cash left over from what I found in the banks of pockets over the weekend to fund some beers or bus tickets. I walked.

The funfair was at Lister Park. The best thing about fun fairs is the lorry park. They seem to be the last place to see working British lorries, including these 2. A Foden and an ERF.


Went to Farsley to see the Priestley Cup Final between Hanging Heaton and Lightcliffe.

I wore a Pie & Priestley shirt, which got more and more comments as the sun shone and the beer was drunk. The Priestley Cup started in 1903, when J.B.Priestley would have been 9 years old, so no link. David Markham, ex Telegraph & Argus sports editor thought it was named after a woolman, but was not sure.

Met Dave Pendleton at the station, then loads more people I knew at the ground.

The sun came out after an hour then beat down.

It was a lovely day, though the match was not much kop. Hanging Heaton lost the toss and were put into bat. They had one man make over 50 and another grind out 88, but the the rest were in and out like Transport Minister’s, and just as ineffective. Their total was 188.

By the time Lightcliffe started batting the wicket had dried (afterwards I heard an accusation that there were not even covers at the ground, let alone covers being put on the wicket!).

Lightcliffe won in a canter.

There was an ambulance turned up for an old man who collapsed but was in no danger; loads of planes landing at LB Airport; live music from somewhere in Farsey; swallows feeding up for the long trip south; and almost all my friends were still talking about how good beating Sheffield United was. So the match being a cake walk hardly mattered.


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