June 2013


Great gig, as always. Meeting the band was meeting old friends. I first saw them in 2004. As I told them: it’s great they are all alive and playing. I got a hug and a beer from Don Reno, playing the banjo here. I also got a lift home from Katherine and her mate Dave.


I have paid for a beer overcoat so it seems less windy; leastways on the outside.

I am drinking beer in The Beck, but it is the beta version. Partners Brewery of Dewsbury pub. 8 real ales. Official opening Friday 5th July.


Bradford Road, Brighouse. Used to be the New Inn. Well worth a visit.

Trouble is I’ll have finished my pint before Spen go in to bat, and I’ll not be stopping. Part of Bev’s life coaching was the way I dress. I am to stop wearing trousers big enough for me and a party, and I am to stop wearing old mans hats and old mans coats. So I am dressed for tonight in Holmfirth and I am freezing!


As for the weather that’s windy and all! The Brighouse batsman in the photo got run out and next man in was bowled. 58 for 10.


A few bright spots but wet, cold, miserable and it may peter out.
But enough about my life. I am watching Brighouse playing Spen Victoria in a Bradford League game. The weather is cold, wet with bright spots. Brighouse are 45 for 5. Spen have dropped 5 catches. Rain could end it early or drag it out.

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