Apart from the bit in the Betjeman Arms I did not talk once the whole journey! I made up for it when I started though.

Before I set off I had gone to the New Bradford Playhouse to sort out the box office split. I actually made a tiny gross profit. On the other hand they are booked on 13th September, so no Pie & Priestley there on the proper date. Of course, I should have sorted a venue long since. I have a show ready to go, but need a new venue, and new permission from the agent.

I also found out that the provisional date for a show with Dave Pendleton, about football and Bradford, is a no go. I want to do this one as a change from doing one man shows, but it is not written and he works shifts.

I later got better news in the Betjeman with I got a text about a possible ‘job’ blogging about gin; and met Ian Burns of the That Theatre Company, who do English productions in Copenhagen. I fancy taking the Kipling abroad, and his theatre has a kitchen.