May 2013

I did try to write about the abomination of a bus station whilst I was there and very angry (yes I know, me being angry is a rare event!), but iphone and coverage issues stopped me adding anything but half a title.

Stoke on Trent/Stoke upon Trent: one is a city the other a town in that city. I do not know which is which, I do not care, and if you have just arrived there for the first time it will be the least of your problems. Everything either has at least two names or no sign you can find. From the enormous, aluminium foil wrapped turd of a bus shelter to buildings of world importance that can only be found by getting the postcode from a ten year old website!

The months old bus station is so bad I think it is a criminal offense.

* There are not enough bays for all the services (apparently the authority changed the spec after the design had been signed off).

* The bus bays are in a fan shape so buses reversing routinely sound their horns to avoid crashing into other ; the resulting ballet of buses would be a joy if it were not an accident waiting to happen.

* The road up to the bus bays is steep and buses have to queue to get in because they have to let buses squeeze out down the too narrow road; and to get to the road most services have to drive around more than half of the town centre.

* Buses routinely drop passengers at Bay A, which exits to the OUTSIDE FFS!

* There are only two or three destination boards in the narrow concourse, which are useless if you do not know the routes. If you only go by the destination on the bus you are sure to spend the next 90 minutes watching thousands of semi-detached houses grind by, with half a dozen Co-ops for variety, which might have been the same Co-op seen from every side.

* The route listings are grey posters on a grey wall, and will nothing to tell you there are there.

* There is a state of the art touch screen thing for finding which bus you want, great for keeping children entertained, but no substitute for a notice board at the entrance.



I tried using the sharp as syrup bowsaw and jigsaw left by the BBM. Not good so i went home and brought my Swedish saw. So much easier. I will try and do a proper coppice but that will be an even harder job.


The BBM (bloke before me) sort of coppiced this hazel years ago. It was blown over on Friday. I will try and cut away and save, but it’s a fair job.


Hello mother!


Titanic Mild. The people here in Stoke-upon-Trent are lovely, so how come they have all ended up with the most complicated nightmare of little villages and pretend big time in Britain?




Perfectly pleasant boozer and easy to get on with beer. There is also a barmaid…


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