I had a truly bizarre (even by my standards) street encounter on my way home on Sunday.

I was staring into a big hole at the end of my street, dug by Yorkshire Water, wondering why they needed a new big hole, seeing they had dug lots of them here less than two years ago.

A rusty white van pulled up behind me and the driver told me not to jump in! He was a South Asian (ie. descended from what was British India, or thereabouts), middle aged, and had a bit of a Bradford accent.

It was bizarre enough that anyone might think someone would try to kill themselves by jumping into a 3 foot deep hole! But it got even weirder.

He told me his father came to Bradford in the 70’s, and that he ran his own factory. He then pointed to two young lads passing the other side of his van, and said they were from Bulgaria. They were not! They were talking Urdu and were almost certainly of Pakistani descent.

The bloke then told me Enoch Powell had the right idea and that there were too easy for immigrants to get into Britain!

I listened, but at the point he started telling me how all the immigrants were on benefit fraud I wished him a good afternoon, and told him I was going home for a nice cup of tea.

Instead of letting go for my tea he carried on even more racist than before; at which point I rather lost my temper. I was mostly polite, but did point out that factory owners did not drive rusty, knackered vans, and that he was probably lying out of his arse!

I wished him a good day, and as I was walking away he drove off, shouting that if I did throw myself in the hole and kill myself it would be better for everyone.

What the hell was he up to!? Spending a Sunday afternoon driving around looking for people on their own so he could have a racist diatribe at them! Whatever his ethnic origins he certainly appeared to be a member of the world wide tribe of nasty nutters!