I have been out and got blathered.

I even went to Morrisons and got a laof of 50p bread, a tine of 34p sardines in tomato sauce, a 50p pack of cherry-ish tomatoes, and a 6 quid bottle of Cava.

The Cava is crap. Hang on and I will top up. read the label, and name.

lavit brut nature Segura Viudas is what it says on the label (and yes, I have brought it to the computer to read, slowly).

If I was not giddy with the sudden lessening of my poverty I would have walked home and got the much better, and cheaper, Lidl cheap Cava, which does not taste like it had chip oil added.

On the other hand, on a normal day I would not have splashed out on Cava. and the sardines and bread at Lidl is way too expensive for me.

Morrisons’ cheapest bread is the best cheap bread of any supermarket chain. Better than Tesco’s or Sainsbury’s, and a lot better than the asbestos bread of Asda (I already have firm opinions about Asda, one of the few things I have strong opinions about).

In my experience the best cheap bread in the UK now is sold in good Polish shops (and possibly shops run by the descendants from other nation’s once near the old USSR). There is a Ukrainian bakery quite near me, off Manchester Road, and their bread is a mass of joy in the mouth, but until now I have never thought of walking up there of a morning to buy fresh bread.

I will check for myself in the next few days, but I do wonder if my spelling gets better with being blathered. I have never found spelling easy. English is the least phonetic of the phonetic languages to write (there is almost no clue in a spoken word to help you spell it, or in a written word to help you say it) so it may not be just the fact I am a lazy toe-rag.