I was all set to go down to Bradford this morning to pay off about £140 for credit card and Council Tax demands.

I checked the Council Tax bill and discovered it was a final demand, had been sent 10 days ago, and that I had to pay within 7 days or a summons with an automatic £85 fine would be issued. Meaning I was going to drown in sewage.

I called, and discovered that the bill was now void because they had processed my claim as a self employed poor person. I still have to pay £60 a month, and that might be enough to force me back on the dole, but I now have at least 28 days to find the money.

I then discovered my credit card was in credit. I am turning into my mother! She once had a Co-op credit card which she used once, over paid the next month, then paid the amount shown as credit every month for over a year. If she did not end up lending the Co-op over a thousands pounds it was not far short!

I have not lent my card company a vast amount, but enough for me to able use the cash on the card to once again pay to be a member of the RNLI after many years being too poor to pay. My father, his father, and 2 of my mother’s brothers spent time at sea, those in peril on the sea deserve every help, and the RNLI helps them without tax payers support or Government interference.