A few years ago, me not blogging for a week could mean illness or depression. Now it it more likely to mean that I have been busy.

I have been busy.

I have been laying loft floor boards and striping and painting a kitchen. I have not done more than 7 hours on any one day, but some of the work has involved lifting, carrying and working with heavy things, a lot of it while wearing a cheap face mask. I discovered that wearing a face mask, and doing heavy physical work, can make me hyperventilate! I had to lie down at one point like some Victorian lady in a corset on the edge of fainting.

Most of the kitchen work involved trying to fix up the bodges by the BBM (Bloke Before Me). I do not have the tools, closed face gasmask, or the skill to take the plaster back to brickwork and replaster; and that is the only way get a smooth surface for painting in that kitchen; and I am fairly certain taking it back to brickwork would reveal bodges requiring a whole Tony Walsh show to fix.