On Tuesday I could not believe it was not Wednesday. Today I spent almost the whole day acting like it was Wednesday, so I guess I am now evened up on my days?

Spent last night at Bev’s, after meeting her in Shipley so we could get the paints for her kitchen, the next big job (potentially bigger even than my mother’s stairwell!).

We were both kept awake by wind, and, for a change, it was outside the house.

I also discovered this morning that my insulin pen might have been injecting air for the last one or two doses. It was a new cartridge, so possible, but it has never happened before. I was fine but it was a puzzle, and may have been the reason I lost a day in my mind.

I spent today doing lots of bits and pieces to make ready for the start of the job, including clearing out Bev’s ‘shed’ that had not been touched since she filled full of the stuff from the man before me. I found enough light coloured paint to do her kitchen, so I guess she could take what she payed for yesterday back, but I also found out the walls under the wallpaper is in such a state that light paint would need me to do 3 or 4 coats.

On my way ‘home’ I called in The Turls Green (the start of Saturday’s A Walk Through the History of Bradford Sport at 10.00.

After I got my pint I was offered a free bottle of the splendid Moorhouse’s Premier Bitter. Apparently they were left over from a ‘meet the brewer’ event this afternoon. If I had known about it I would not have spent so long working at Bev’s house! I like Moorhouse’s, but the only place I go to, that sells it regularly, is The Grove, Leeds; where I am hoping to be on Saturday to help John celebrate his latest birthday. I think he’s had at least 70 so far and is still working behind the bar, despite what his doctor tells him, but what do doctor’s know? Apart from more than most (and, judging by daytime television, that does not seem that hard).