The ‘Conquer Your Shyness’ programme may be working. I have just been talking to John, Neil and Don in the Black Bull, Baildon, and learning loads; though, to be fair, two of them were also N’t frem roond h’ere. , like me; so it was probably like calling to like in a crowded pub.

Neal started it by asking me about the beers on sale when they came in; and beer is something I will sometimes offer an opinion on (when I worked in a real ale cocktail bar, called Dick’s Bar in Crouch End, in 1982, I was told off by the landlady for giving my opinion about the beer, good and bad, when I was asked. Honesty has got me to where I am now. Poor, but touching happy more often than I would have guessed).

Like Neal said: It’s great when you get random! You learn so much.

Earlier I had discovered that Bev’s bedroom was colder than mine(!!!?) because the window was fitted shite, and there was a wind filled hole almost all the way around it.

I am glad to say I have filled Bev’s bedroom crack, and fed and stroked her pussy, so I reckon I deserved the beer.

PS. I do not think I have put my facebook link thing on here before. If I remember I will look at this and see if it goes anywhere.