I had a holiday today. I would have liked it to be in Finland and then Sweden, visiting cousins, and the money spent today would have been spnet on a League Cup Final ticket if I had not been thinking about more important things, but it was a cracking day.

Clear and sunny sky all day, and the only down side was leaving my insulin in the fridge (as Bev said How old are you? How long have you been a diabetic!?). I reverted to a beer only diet, with some Pusser’s Rum and a bag of peanuts for variety.

If I manage to download then upload photos I will talk more about Brading (cute station and the Snoty Fox where me and the landlady had a deep discussion about Terry Pratchett); the 1940’s Underground railway carriage; and the amazingly thin and young looking Harriet at the Village Inn at Old Shanklin.

I also must mention the Emma Hamilton just by The Hard in Portsmouth. The train I was on to Portsmouth Harbour was cancelled when we got to Fratton, and the guard was sorry, and told us none of the crew had any idea it would be until they stopped at the station; that meant I missed the ferry by 5 minutes. I would have gone for a fried breakfast, but with no insulin I went to the pub for a beer and rum chaser, and was glad I did.

Like it said on the title: Isle of Wight is a grand day out. Crossing the Solent was a sea voyage and I had no thought of myself or family (apart from when I was telling stories about the one or other) so a proper holiday.