The nicest thing in this up and down day was probably meeting Emily and Davie in The Sir Titus Salt, starting point of Sunday’s Bring Back St. Blaise’s Festival Walk at 13.00.

I had had the special offer rib-eye steak. I’d had this on a different offer on Saturday and loved it, best steak I’ve had in a Wetherspoon. Today the steak was fine, but it was bloody while Saturday it was not; both were ‘medium’. They do good steak but if you do not want blood then you have to ask for well done.

After I had finished Emily came up and asked if I had finished with the steak menu, at which point I advised her about Wetherspoon steak cooking, then as they were sat on the next table I went and talked to them, and sold them a Wayne Jacobs Little Red Head Book

Next nicest thing was marco of the Sparrow Bier Cafe saying they would actively support a St. Blaise festival next year.

Things is I still have no idea where I will be next month, let alone next year. My mother is OK but still in hospital, and with a growing list of non-life threatening conditions.