The most astonishing thing I have done recently is leave a full pint of beer at the Corn Dolly just so I could catch the last bus home! My mate Dave Pendleton promised to find it a good home though, so it was not as bad as it could have been.

I spent a while yesterday in the ill built centre of Bradford using my boots to create channels through the slush so the meltwater could get down the drainage gullies. Yes, it was like a small boy testing his wellies, but there were massive, bog like puddles at the bottom of Sunbridge Road because all of the gullies on the south side were blocked by a tiny amount of slush, and the only one at the bottom is 3 metres around the corner! Every time snow melts there will be at least 3 slushy ponds in central Bradford because the design of the roads, pavements and drainage is utterly abysmal.

Got my, at least, 25 year old Macintosh Plus working today. I needed to check details from a book I was commissioned to write about the history of Bradford Playhouse (I stopped work on it the last time the place burnt down).

The computer started and I was looking for what I wanted when there was a small explosion and smoke came out of the top. The odd thing was the thing was still working!

I also knocked over a lit table lamp with a fluorescent bulb. I picked it up and put it back. Only when it went out did I notice the bulb was broken! I reckon it was lit for at least 30 second after a quartre of it was broken clean off.